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I collect computers... and many actually work!
If for some odd reason you're interested, you can click on the computer names for hardware details (what's under the hood)...

Unagi AMD Athlon64 4000 (2.1GHz) My big Linux workstation
Smaug AMD Athlon64 3200 (2GHz) Runs Windoze, for games, mostly.
Wisp AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1.25GHz) A little guest gaming box
Atom VIA C3 Nehemiah 667 MHz My EPIA ML600-based firewall/fileserver running an OpenBSD 4.3
Vesta Pentium II (Mendocino) 366MHz My venerable, old IBM ThinkPad 570 running OpenBSD 3.3
Wolf UltraSPARC IIi 333MHz a SUN Ultra5 firewall & fileserver running OpenBSD 3.6-stable
Hellfire 2 x Pentium III 800 MHz

Those all work... the rest mostly work, but need fixing up (and powering on).

Ash Super-Sparc II 85MHz a little Sparcstation 20 fileserver running OpenBSD 3.6
Biatch AMD K6-2 500MHz Dual-boots Windows 98SE for games and Red Hat 7.2 for whateva.
Dinosaur Dual Ultra-SPARC II 248MHz My E250 coffee table.
Zigzag Cypress (Ross) CY7C601 40MHz a SPARCstation 2 that a friend of mine gave me. dead PROM.