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CPU: AMD K6-2 500MHz
Motherboard: Tyan Trinity S1590S
RAM: 256MB PC100 CL2
Hard drives: Western Digital 30GB UDMA/33
Video Board: ATI Xpert 128 16MB PCI
Sound Board: Soundblaster of some sort
Network Card: 3Com 3c905C 10/100
Case: some little minitower I bought at Microcenter, 250W psu
Miscellaneous other merde: Generic 40X CDROM, awesome Plexter 32x12x10 CDRW
Operating System: Windows 98SE, Red Hat Linux 7.2

This is my was my main Windoze and *nix workstation after my old 300MHz K6-2 box from college.
98 was primarily for gaming. Spent more time in Linux, running Gnome with Enlightenment for a windowmanager.
Eh. It worked.
I kept biatch around for ripping CDs...