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CPU: Intel Pentium II 350MHz
RAM: 192MB
Hard drives: 6GB
Video Board: on-board NeoMagic 220
Sound Board: onboard
Network Card: D-Link 650 WiFi
Case: IBM Thinkpad 570
Miscellaneous other merde:
Operating System: OpenBSD 3.2-stable

This is my *nix laptop. Runs OpenBSD, I use Blackbox for a window manager. Light-weight, fast, and sexy. I love it!
I like Mozilla for a browser.
Unfortunately, it doesn't run easily/stably on OpenBSD... :(
I settle for KDE's Konqueror, which is pretty good too. But you have to install kde's base to get it. :(
Mulberry has become my favorite e-mail client. It's by far the best in terms of IMAP support. It also plugs nicely into PGP. And it runs on tons of platforms, from Windoze, to MacOS 9 and 10, to Linux, to Solaris. It kicks. And to top it off, if you install the linux compatibility port, it'll run in OpenBSD, too! I got it running by installing the redhat 6.2 base compatibility from ports.
For a multi-network chat client, I run Gaim. It's not as sexy-looking as, or skinnable like, Trillian... but it work just fine.